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You are the expert in your field and we are the expert in ours. Our technical focus is highly specialized but our experience with industry is broad which gives us the ability to speak your language and work within the constructs of sound design and development methods while delivering on-point projects. Industries that we have experience delivering major projects include: Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, High-Tech, Software resellers, Lending, Finance, Legal, Insurance, Auctions, Online Retail and Debt Management.

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    Health Care and Sciences

    Almost every product being launched in 2017 needs to meet three key benchmarks: HIPAA (or equivalent) Compliance, Interoperability, and Ease of Use. ITMint brings cutting edge expertise together with the comfort of working with legacy systems to ensure that your products fit into the existing infrastructure and meet or exceed security and privacy requirements. Working with many partners ranging from small startups to enterprise institutional service providers working within a highly restrictive legacy-dependent space we maintain HIPAA compliant development practices and provide ongoing support for independent verification and audits of everything we produce on your behalf..

    • HealthCare Analytics
    • Clinical Systems Providers
    • Independent Software Vendors serving Life Science companies
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    Software and High Tech

    Leveraging the evolving trends in cloud-based solutions, virtualization, SaaS offerings, and platform agnostic web-mobile applications is critical for IT service vendors. Within the turmoil lays incredible opportunity for trusted partners to provide value-added services to their customers. ITMint provides expert consulting services, customized applications for white label resale that leverage your existing infrastructure, and bespoke solutions to ensure that your offerings are cutting edge and profitable.

    • High-Tech Startups
    • SaaS and PaaS providers
    • Consumer and Enterprise Clients
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    Finance and Lending

    As the Finance and Lending Industries evolve so does the requirements placed on the systems and IT products that feed and maintain the ecosystem. Bringing heavy experience in the FI where we understand commercial and consumer finance products ranging from prospect management, lending, web-based asset appraisal toolsets, to debt management and collections tools, ITMint works with customers to transform their IT ecosystem into a modern web and mobile enabler that matches the progressive vision of lenders and risk management. Past projects have included debt management and collection management systems, appraisal and liquidation platforms, sales and marketing websites and lead-engagement tools.

    • Insurance
    • Debt Management
    • P2P Lending
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    The law may bring with it uncertainty and constant evolution but capitalizing on engaging your clients, embedding best practices across the organization and driving efficient back office processes are a competitive advantage that no firm or legal department should ignore. ITMint can help your team automate existing best practices from contracts organization to trial management bringing in the latest in web tools that make IT solutions an enabler instead of a frustrating barrier to innovation. Experience with customer retention campaigns using proven web and search engine strategies to drive positive reviews, value-add outreach with efficient social media engagement tools, to сlient credit management can be leveraged within your organization to a major effect.

    • Back Office Platforms
    • Client Management Systems
    • Data Analytics

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