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It’s impossible to overestimate the importance of delivering a great UI for your product, whether it is a simple web based application, web site, or complex software designed for expert users. Key guiding principles of simplicity, consistency, forgiving features, and understanding the end user intimately all lend to a successful launch.

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Professional Approach Fostering Road To Success Of Your Product

Delivering a great result is a team effort that starts with a shared understanding of your objectives and expectations against an often evolving set of technical concepts. Once the core features are relatively well established we create a set of stunning visual and technical prototypes in an iterative cycle for detailed planning and discussion purposes. Effective UI/UX design sets the stage for a successful and straightforward development process and as we narrow down on a mutually agreed technical and visual road map the entire project is moving ahead on a strong foundation.


We listen carefully to your team and existing users, analyzing the organization and work with your domain experts documenting business processes and systems, assessing user best practices and study how integration with legacy or competitively significant technologies will help achieve your core goals for the project.


As a standard offering to our clients whose projects include graphical UI we provide an interactive prototype to serve as a tool for further refinement of concepts and ideas as well as to provide a visual roadmap for our development team. A key success factor in complex development projects is to ensure that the team is not just working to plan but the plan is still in-line with your understanding of what is needed.

Creating an Interactive Prototype can be time consuming and resource intensive and is an often overlooked design step in many competitor run development projects but at ITMint we rely on your endorsement of the Interactive Prototype to make.

  03 User Experience Design

Your UI is the most obvious focus of what the customer experiences and can be the difference between how your customer perceived value and convenience of use, regardless of how well built the underlying systems and processes are. A well designed user experience drives quicker adoption, reduces tech support demands, and lends heavily to a product that is sticky and builds a loyal customer following.

  04 Users testing and feedback

User testing and feedback is critical in all development stages but none more so than UI design. Iterative development paired with continual user testing and facilitated feedback throughout the entire UI/UX design process ensures that we create a visual product that impresses and is delivered efficiently without time-intensive redesigns.

Best Design Tools Servicing Your Needs

In order to best match your specific graphical needs our team of Designers are well versed in multiple platforms and tools. Having flexibility in design spaces allows us to work in legacy environments, adjust existing work that you bring to the project, collaborate with your internal creative team in a native format, and ultimately create the absolute best designs and artwork. Tools we are very comfortable working in include: Invision, Sketch, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, to name a few.

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